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GS-1000 - Sensor discontinued and upgraded with the GS-5100 & GS-5101
The GS-1000 is a long range contact type linear gauge sensor which has a linear type displacement converter and converts spindle displacement directly into electric signals. The adoption of ball spline bearings in the spindle has resulted in increased torsional rigidity (10 times as much as our conventional one) and of durability (practical durability of more than 10 million times) of the spindle. Discontinued and upgraded with the GS-5100 and GS-5101.

  • High durability with the use of ball spline bearings in the spindle increases the torsional rigidity by 10 times.
  • Long range of 100 mm / 4 inches
  • Optimum for machine production, building and civil engineering fields

Standard accessories: 1.9 meter cable, contact point.