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GS-503 - Replaced and upgraded with the GS-5050 and GS-5051.
Gauge sensor has just become even more durable with the addition of a carbon graphite spindle. This permits heavy side impact force and simular to sporting equipment, the spindle will spring back to it's original position. Rated at 5 million cycles. Discontinued and upgraded with the GS-5050 and higher 0.001mm resolution GS-5051.

  • Carbon graphite spindle
  • Resilient material permits lateral loading
  • Rust proof
  • 5 million cycle retraction life
  • Compatible with a large array of displays
  • New GS-5050 has a 15 million retraction life

Standard accessories: 1.9 meter cable and standard ball contact point. Discontinued and upgraded with the GS-5050 and higher 1um resolution GS-5051.

  • Note: This gage comes standard with a contact ball point, for other contact points, please visit our contact point web page.