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VC-3200 - Vibration Comparator
Our line of vibration comparators can serve as your vibration "watchdog" in a wide range of situations in which vibration based judgments must be made, such as in go/nogo vibration testing of products, facilities diagnosis and machine tool cutting tool damage.

  • Simultaneous three band measurement.
  • Digital display function.
  • Analog output.
  • Headphone output.
  • Memory function.
  • Comparator gate.
  • Comparator time delay setting.
  • Compact 96 x 96 (DIN) size.

Standard Accessories: Panel Mounting Fixtures (2), Instruction Manual, Quick Reference Manual

  • VC-0321 Low Frequency Band-pass Filter
  • VC-0322 Intermediate Frequency Band-pass Filter
  • VC-0323 High Frequency Band-pass Filter
  • VC-0423 Integration Function