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DF-2200 - OnBoard Flow Meter
The DF-2200 On-Board Flow Meter is a compact on-board fuel flow meter developed for our FP series Volumetric Flow Detector. It accepts pulse signal SIG A and SIG B that have phase differences, and includes the backward flow correction function for back-flow. Displaying and measuring the mass flow rate is possible by entering the value of standard density of the fuel in use, and its temperature and density coefficient (1/). Besides the flow rate, the items of time/ temperature (resistance temperature detectors)/ pressure (voltage input) can also be measured. The DF-2200 outputs the voltage corresponding to the value of instantaneous flow rate/ temperature/ pressure, and outputs the pulse corresponding to the instantaneous flow rate. CAN and RS-232C (option) are also equipped with the external devices as a communication function. This is the flow meter that is capable of not only on-board measurement but also measurement on engine bench.

  • Compact body optimum for on-board testing. Easy to install in a vehicle
  • The flow rate/ temperature/ pressure can be measured with just one unit
  • Analog output with high-speed response (with average processing function)
  • CAN output (standard) and RS-2232C (option) are installed as communication system
  • Total auto stop function is provided as an option.
  • Wide power input range from 12 to 24 VDC corresponding to various test vehicles. AC voltage from 100 to 240 VAC is available by using the AC adapter (option).