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DG-2310 - 2 Channel Gauge Comparator
Model DG-2310 is a 2-channel digital gauge counter with multi function to measure and display the dimension and displacement by using our linear gauge sensors (BS/GS-series). Not only the various calculating function of addition/subtraction (A+B, A-B) for 2 channels' data but also that of Max., Min., Range (Max. - Min.) are provided. OK/NG judgment and alarm operation are also possible by using the comparating function. Further, the sequencer, personal computer, recorder and other instruments can be operated by inputting the various signal output from DG-2310, which can make it possible for the data recording and monitoring easily.

  • Input connection for two gauges (Compatible with our GS/BS series gauge sensors)
  • Built in outputs RS-232C, BCD, Analog and Comparator
  • Peak hold MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN (RANGE)
  • Resolution 0.5µm, 1µm, 10µm (It should be set with the resolution of the sensor.)
  • Calculation A+B, A-B, B
  • Offset Setting range at 0 to ±999999
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