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TS Torque Meter > TM-3100 Series
TM-3100 Series - Panel Mount Tachometers
Introducing our new tachometer with a clear display and ability to add functions separately and easily. The fluorescent display tube of TM-3100 series greatly improves stability and readability instead of using LED as old models.

  • Flexible tachometer allows you to customize by adding cards
  • Add and subtract functions that match your current application
  • Highly compatible with personal computers and controllers
  • TM-3110 "Basic model for measurement and display
  • TM-3120 "With BCD output of 6-digit display "Open collector output for direct connection with a PLC*. *Output can be optionally changed as TTL level
  • TM-3130 "With analog output (Output signal is selectable from voltage or current.)
  • TM-3140 "With comparator function Up to three combinations of upper/lower-limit determination can be setup.
  • TM-0301 Optional DC Power Module
  • Please Download Brochure for complete details !
  • RoHS Compliant

Available Tachometer options : TM-0321 BCD output card (TTL level ), TM-0322 BCD output card (open collector), TM-0330 Analog output card, TM-0340 Comparator output card, TM-0350 RS-232C card, TM-0301 for DC Power capability, AA-8207 BCD cable (3 m).