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DG-5100 - English / Metric Comparator Display
DG-5100 is a flexible display in which you may add and interchange functions. The DG-5100 is a high-resolution gauge counter having integrated structure. This counter achieves input frequency at 3 MHz which is high speed of ten times compared to conventional counter. The DG-5100 provides various calculation functions as standard such as condition memory, range (MAX value - MIN value) display, and offset value setting. Up to three optional cards can be installed in combination to add following five functions. 1. Analog output ( DG-0530 ) 2. BCD output ( DG-0522 ) 3. Comparator function ( TM-0340 ) 4. RS-232C output ( TM-0350 ) 5. DC power supply function ( TM-0301 )

  • "The required functions can be assembled by selecting and installing optional boards on rear panel such as BCD output, analog output and comparator output.
  • Engish / Metric switchable display
  • Compatible with all past (1978) to present Ono Sokki Gage Sensors.
  • Resolutions : 0.0004 in, 0.00004 in, 0.000004 in, 0.01mm, 0.001mm, 0.0001mm
  • RoHS Compliant

DC power supply option TM-0301; DC 12~24 V ± 5 V