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FP-4135 - On-Board Volumetric Flow Detector
The FP-4135 On-Board Volumetric Flow Detector is the high-precision positive displacement flow detector to measure the fuel flow rate of liquids such as gasoline, light oil and kerosene combined with the Ono Sokki DF-2200 On-Board Flow Meter or the FM series Digital Flow meter. Because the flow rate range is as wide as 0.1 to 200 L/h (measurement range ratio 2000:0), it can measure from very low flow rate in an idling state to large amount of flow rate in a high-load state when a fuel with a low heating value such as alcohol is used. Also, since the flow detecting part is compact and its operating temperature range is -30 to +100°C, it can be installed inside an engine to measure the actual driving fuel efficiency.

  • High precision; Accuracy  ±0.2 %
  • Resolution  0.01 mL
  • Measurement range 0.1 to 200 L/h
  • Wide temperature range from -30 to 100 
  • Designed to support temperature variation in an engine room, and environmental test
  • Compact body
  • Built-in temperature sensor which is required for fuel consumption measurement and downsized filter enable 70% reduction in volume. (Compared to main unit of the FP-2140H of Ono Sokki, excluding signal processing part.)
  • Supports wide variety of fuels
  • It can measure a variety of fuels including gasoline, alcohol, and light oil etc. as standard.