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CF-3650 - Portable Four Channel FFT Analyzer
With its portability, the CF-3650 provides a less restricted and more convenient testing platform whill still achieving high accuracy in vibration and noise measurement and analysis.

  • 15" color touch panel monitor.
  • 40 kHz frequency range, 110 dB dynamic range.
  • 25 to 16384 lines spectral resolution.
  • Built-in sensor / microphone power supply.
  • Built-in USB 2.0, LAN and serial interface.
Number of Input Channels 4
Frequency Range 0 to 40 kHz
A/D Converter 24-Bit
Dynamic Range 110 dB
Current Sensor Power 4 mA
Operating Temperature 5 to 40ยบ C
Dimensions 410 mm (W) x 314 mm (H) x 150 mm (D)
Weight Approximately 10 kg

Standard Accessories: One Power Cable, One AC Adaptor, One Rechargeable Battery, One Front Panel Protection Cover and One Instruction Manual.

  • DS-0221AW General Purpose FFT Analysis
  • DS-0222AW Order Tracking Analysis
  • DS-0223AW Realtime Octave Analysis
  • DS-0250AW Throughput Disk Function
  • DS-0251A File Export Function (Requires DS-0250AW)
  • CF-0375 Signal Generator Output