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Highly accurate gauge stand with state of the art ceramic base, which provides excellent durability and resistance to wear. Ceramic will not chip away like granite bases. It is free from problems such as rust and marring. New Low price on this highest quality stand. Original list $950.00
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English / Metric high accuracy gauge. The EG-225 ( lug back ) and EG-225F ( flat back ) have exactly the same specs. The EG-225 is our most popular gage.
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New ! long range linear gauge sensor. Designed durable with high shock and vibration ratings. Suitable for measuring displacement of larger structures. Also available from stock, our new higher resolution 0.001mm / 0.00005" gage sensor (GS-5051). Measuring compressible or fragile material, with the internal spring removed; you can obtain a light measuring force of approx. 65 grams.
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