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The CL-5600 Series non-contact thickness meters use an electrostatic capacitance-type gap detector to measure conductors, semiconductors and insulators. The VE Series electrostatic capacitance-type gap detectors have shown proven results as non-contact electrostatic capacitance-type sensors, and enable high-accuracy, stable thickness measurement using easy operations. The CL-5600 Series offers both a conductor/semiconductor measurement function that uses two sensors (standard) and an insulator measurement function (option: CL-0300) that uses one sensor. Featuring a new outward appearance and enhanced functions, they utilize the revamped electrostatic capacitance-type converters, the VE Series gap detectors. The measurement range has been expanded, and an easy-to-read fluorescent display has been utilized for the display unit. Moreover, the separation of the gap converter from the main unit enables the addition of an analog output, a comparator function (option: CL-0100) and a high-resolution display function (option: CL-0200) for even more flexibility and improved ease of use.
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NEW !!! Granite base gage stand with smooth, hard and accurate work surface. Sturdy industrial design. Great replacement for the ST-022 stand.
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With its portability, the CF-3650 provides a less restricted and more convenient testing platform whill still achieving high accuracy in vibration and noise measurement and analysis.
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