Universal Engine Tachometer


The CT-6520B Discontinued Universal Engine Tachometer accepts a large array of revolution detectors to meet different measurement conditions such as location of detector, type of an engine and so on. This tachometer uses a multiplier circuit to both reduce the measurement time and improve measurement accuracy. Analog, digital and pulse outputs are provided as standard.

  • A variety of engine revolution detector can be available in combination, for 2/4-cycle engines having from 1 to 8 cylinders.
  • Number of input pulses per revolution can be set in the range from 0.5 to 199.5 P/R in 0.5 P/R step
  • Three type of outputs; analog, digital and pulse.
  • 2 way of power operation ; AC (ranging 100 to 240VAC) and 12VDC (ranging 11to 15VDC)
  • 2 of preset setup for "Run Judge" and "Overrun".

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Description Universal Engine Tachometer
Applicable Detectors Ignition pulse detectors (IP-292/IP-296/IP-03000) Magnetic detectors (OM-200/1200/MP-910/MP-981) Magneto vibration detector (VP-201/202) Opto-fiber sensor (LG-916/9200)


Applicable Detector (option) Ignition pulse detectors (IP-292 / IP-296 / IP-3000 / IP-3100) Magnetic detectors (OM-200/OM-1200/MP-910/MP-9100/MP-981/MP-9820) Magneto vibration detector (VP-201 / 202 / 1210 / 1220) Opto-fiber sensor (LG-916, LG-9200)

Discontinued replaced with CT-6700

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