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New ! hand-held Engine tachometer accepts multi detectors. HT-6200 is a durable handheld tachometer with a built-in batteries designed for measurement of gasoline/diesel engines, EV/HEV motors, and general rotating objects. Combined with optional detectors (VP-1220, IP-292/296, IP-3000A, IP-3100, OM-1200, MP series and TTL signal output detector etc.), various rotation measurement are possible depending on the measurement objects or purpose. Memory function is provided which is useful for later checking. Up to 20 measurement data can be stored internally. Various measurements such as rotation (r/min, r/s), accumulated rotation (counter), cycle (ms), line speed (m/min) are available. Both analog and pulse output are provided as standard. (Monitor output or analog output can be selected by changeover switch.) Analog output signal can be used for the recording of signal from data recorder and so on. Monitor output signal can be used for checking the waveform of the detected signal or for the input signal to FFT analyzer. Pulse output signal can be used as external clock signal for tracking analysis by FFT analyzer.

  • Can be used with an array of sensors. The HT-6200 can be used with the optional IP-292, IP-296, IP-3000, IP-3100, OM-200/1200, VP-1220 and MP-900/9000 detectors, as well as with TTL signal output detectors.
  • Three outputs: analog, monitor and pulse are provided as standard. Use the analog output function to record the number of rotations, the monitor output function to check the sensor's detection waveform, and the pulse output function to output rotation synchronization signals. Optional AX-501 Output cable available.
  • Built-in peak hold function. The maximum and minimum values can be displayed during measurement.
  • Large LCD with backlight (Character height: 10.2 mm)
  • Built-in memory function 20 data (MAX) can be saved to memory.
  • Can be mounted on a tripodThe tachometer can be fixed to a tripod for continuous measurement.
  • HT-6200 is the upgraded replacement for the HT-6100.
  • RoHS Compliant

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Description Hand-Held Engine Tachometer
Range 100 - 99,999 rpm
Detection Distance Contact type Detectors
Display LCD 5 digit LCD Display
Power / Battery life Four (type AAA) batteries provide 16 hrs. of continuous use and ( 8 hours continuous use when the back light is on ) or PB-7090 AC Adapter
Operating temperature 32° to 104° F / 0° to 40° C
Applicable Detectors Ignition pulse detectors (IP-292, IP-296, IP-3000A, IP-3100, OM-200/1200, VP-1220, MP-900/9000)


includes: four (4 each) type AAA batteries and hard carrying case. Optional: Output cable available.

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