Discontinued, replaced / upgraded with the SE-2500A engine tachometer


This Tachometer is useful when measuring from the Ignition Coil. For Gasoline Engines : 2 Cycle and 4 Cycle ( 1 to 8 Cylinders ) (Diesel Engine is applicable when using our optional VP-201sensor) Special price, still available from stock.

  • Large easy to read LCD Display with backlighting function.
  • Red LED indicator blinks to verify you're getting a good reading.
  • Power Switch with hold function
  • Recall switch, to recall the last measured value
  • Unit Selection : rpm or rps

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Description Hand-held (Ignition Coil type) Engine tachometer
Range 120 - 20,000 rpm
Detection Distance 10 to 200mm / 0.5 to 8 inches
Display LCD 5 digit Display
Power / Battery life Three type AA batteries provide 150 hrs. of continuous use.
Operating temperature 32° to 104° F / 0° to 40° C
Applicable Detectors Built-in induction detector, IP-280 (ignition detector) , VP-201( magneto vibration detector)


Accessories: Three AA batteries, IP-2800 ignitiion coil sensor, Hard carrying case. Special price, still available from stock.

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